03/02/2009 - Keep the events calendar in view... there are a lot of races and whatnot leading up to the Westside Invite in Seattle on Memorial Weekend.

02/19/2009 - The 2009 Westside Invite is coming up... in Seattle! See the events section for more information. We will provide updates as we get more info from Rob and the other organizers.

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The Longnecks are a 3-piece original rock band from Spokane, WA. Drawing from rock, blues, funk, and soul, The Longnecks are making waves around the local scene with their energetic shows featuring blazin' guitar rock and shake-your-ass funk.

With a decidedly feminist message, Lesli Wood (aka Roxy) produces lyrics that are a fearless examination of social issues, personal vulnerability, and empowerment. Along with bassist, Matt Menovcik (aka Clark), guitarist Peg Wood (aka Violet) and drummer, Steph Hasselman (aka Bootsy), Ms. Led have become recognized not only for their political edge, but also for their catchy, at times even danceable, songs and their infectious energy and raw emotion.


Chris's work consists mostly of acrylic paintings but he enjoys watercolor as well. Look for styles ranging from outdoor scenes, to abstract art.


Contributing Photographers

L.J.'s Halloween Alleycat pictures... incidentally the only ones we have.

Jimmy James sends us photos from time to time. NACCC, CMWC and the SF scene here.

Andy takes a variety of shots, including mountain biking, urban settings and some wierd off the wall stuff too.